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2020 has shown manufacturing is resilient and has rapidly adapted to the new environment. Manufacturers have been largely focused on ‘Process Transformation’, the critical first step in a digital journey that enables ‘Business Model Transformation', which is a clear priority for many manufacturers in 2021.

See the report to find out what technologies are highest priority to enable this transformation, what the main drivers for investment are, and how priorities have changed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Discover insights such as...

Improving operational efficiency

92% of manufacturing decision-makers say their top business imperative is improving operational efficiency

Diversifying into other sectors

Many have said that diversifying into other sectors are rising on their to-do list

Making cost savings

75% say that making cost savings is one of their biggest tasks as they are unable to diversify at the moment

This report is based on a survey of senior manufacturing professionals conducted in November and December
2020 by The Manufacturer, the premier industry publication providing insights, events and research, and
commissioned by IBM.

This Digital Transformation Assessment sought to understand the current business
imperatives, how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected priorities, and the strategic role adopting digital
technologies will play for manufacturing businesses and their supply chains.